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Link: Homos are Hellbound. (from http://rachelragaza.multiply.com)

EDIT: She made the entry private. If you still want to read it, Multiply user Marc Lorenz copied her entry and posted it here: Multiply Star - Rachel Ragaza Ms. Ragaza also responded to the article she posted. You can check it out here: My answer to the article I posted...

What I feel about it:
Just reading the title made me squirm and hesitant to read the whole entry. I just knew it'd be full of hatred and bashing; and even more angry replies and comments. However, my sister (Cat), who introduced me to the blog, read some stuff from it which aroused my curiosity.

Homosexuality is more or less accepted nowadays, but it still is such a controversial topic (as you can see from the countless replies to Rachel's entry). Yes, we all know it is a sin; but the mere condemnation of a self-procalimed "true" Christian that gay people should go and are going to hell is just so wrong. I actually feel that she just wanted some kind of attention, and I didn't want to give her the pleasure of seeing tons of people viewing her blog BUT I just cannot pass up the chance to show you guys how she TRIED (but FAILED) to proved that *sarcastic tone* "Homos are Hellbound". It irks me to see how close-minded some people can get!

Okay, she has some points; but the thing is, she generalized way too much. She may wow you with her scientific 'proofs', statistics and whatnot. Well, I really.. wasn't. She points out that homosexuality is a violent lifestyle, given that "gays and lesbians attempt suicide 2 to 7 times more often than heterosexual comparison groups" (Grollman, Suicide, Boston: Beacon Press, p.58)--when in fact, it is due to people like her that they do this! Homosexuals are people too. They DESERVE respect, not hate and bashing. Oh, one other thing that struck me was the fact that she said "homos are as dumb as sheep". What the hell was that all about? I mean, sure you disapprove of homosexuality, sure it is wrong, but do you have to disrespect human beings?! I am sure that there are a LOT of homosexuals more intelligent and successful than her. How can she say these things and even have the guts to support them with Bible passages, journal articles and shit? And even the Bible is not accurate! She also states that "Leading serial killers are ALL HOMOS!!!" What the *bleeping* hell? She posted some names and I think she forgot that Hitler, Stalin or Mao Ze-Dong (all NOT gay) were those who caused the WORST genocides of the 20th Century (details from comment by whatifikissyou).

How dare she condemn people, she's not God. She talks as if she's sin-free and perfect! All her holier-than-Thou BS is really pissing me off. For someone so "Christian", she acts like she's the Devil--spewing hatred, disrespect and discord.

Btw, she hasn't even replied to a single comment. And yeah, it's her choice but there are a lot of people who took their time in reading her entry. I think that a) she needs to apologize for those hurtful speculations and generalizations she made and b) with all the comments asking for her reply, she should at least have the courtesy to back up what she said.

For me, it is not through sexual orientation but through a person's actions that he/she will be judged. And with the way she's thinking (Is she even?) and talking, I'm not so sure she'll be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God.

I have a lot more to say but I want to sleep now. Haha :P Gnight.

P.S. On a lighter note, someone made her a poster! Look for it at the comments part! Laugh trip!!! =))


Apr. 20th, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
Sorry Hehe :P She made the entry private already. It was a repost from a friend and a part of her reply regarding the article was this.. "I am sorry if you guys were hurt but I am not sorry that I posted this article. The reason for that is because I love you and I care for you and I don’t want you to face eternal damnation in hell."


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