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I want. I love. ♥

I'm in love with a jacket. Not just any jacket, but a Balmain jacket.

As usual, ftv has been my default channel and I'm LOVING the 'big shoulders' trend this Spring-Summer 2009. From the moment I saw this Balmain jacket designed by Christophe Decarnin, I wanted it. It's sooooo pretty! :) I love how the sparkly, big-shouldered jacket--as well as the strappy, studded shoes--contrasted with the simplicity of the black tee and ripped jeans. Natasha Poly looks divine in this outfit. J'adore!

(Photo from: Coutorture)


Oh my. I just found out a while ago. Federer's a DAD! :D I'm just so happy for him and Mirka! They say they're gonna have it this summer! Gosh, that baby's sooo lucky! Hahaha :D Roger Federer for a father! Wooooot! :D

Anyhoo, just got home from an afternoon with Charlotte. :) Went to Promenade, walked around and looked at laptops at V-Mall. Hung out at Promenade and talked about everything under the sun. :D Juicy! Hahahaha! Had dinner at Le Ching--spareribs rice!!! =P~ YUUUM! Walked around again 'cause we were really full! Then off to Starbucks for more chismisan! Darn, there were these old guys sitting near us who kept looking at us. And not even subtly! Gross. We decided that we couldn't hang around there anymore and eventually went home. :) And our parking ticket cost P110! Damn! Approximately seven hours in the parking lot! :))


Hahaha! This is hilarious. And sooo true. :D

Guys and girls being "just" friends. Not always easy, and sure as hell complicated at times. Yet, its fun. There are things that you just don't talk about with your guy friends. That's where the girl steps in, sweet, caring, sensitive - the little angels (Hah!). There's also a certain playful element to these friendships that you just can't have with people of the same sex .

Here are some of the types of friendships that exist between guys and girls.

1: The Appeaser friendship

This is when the guy is head over heals for the girl. Worships the ground she walks on. Praises her all the time. Buys her gifts for no reason. Loves to secretly smell her hair. Agrees with everything she says, and does everything in his power to see that she is happy. Now and then gets a pat on the head in return. Dreams of fathering her children - will never get farther than perhaps having to baby-sit them. Might also have aspects of a Use-and-abuse friendship.

2: Leave-you-hanging friendship

Guy sees girl. Guy thinks girl is cute. Guy becomes friends with girl. Guy tells girl his feelings for her. Girl acts surprised. Girl might say "I'm not ready for a relationship right now". Girl conveniently forgets to mention that she doesn't like him in that way, and never will for that matter. Girl and guy still remain friends. Guy is hoping girl will eventually fall for him, or will become "ready" for a relationship. Never happens. Girl is just happy with the attention he lavishes on her - ego boost.

3: The Missed-Chance friendship

Guy and girl are great friends. There always was a spark, the chemistry was there. For reasons unknown to them, they always held a special place in each other's lives. No one acted upon it though, and before you know it, girl gets married. Guy is still friends with girl - thinks the world of her. Friendship grows even stronger.

4: The Relationship-that's-not-quite-a-relationship friendship:

Guy and girl think they are best friends. While in actual fact, they are in a non-physical relationship. They do everything a couple does. Go to movies together, have candle-light dinners, strolls on the beach, endless phone conversations etc etc. But no one has admitted their feelings. Both are in denial that there is anything but a friendship going on. The rest of the world is sure they are going out. For the life of them, they can't understand why.

5: The Use-and-abuse friendship:

Guy is in love with girl. Girl knows this and loves the power she has. Takes advantage of poor guy, who is more than happy that he can be of service to her. Girl uses guy cruelly, and the best part is, she gets him to 'volunteer' to do things for her. How?

"I have to drop off my dirty laundry to the laundromat. But I'm so tired. I wish I didn't have to go?" Followed by fluttering of the eyes.

Before you can say "use-and-abuse", guy is already racing to the laundromat with her clothes.

6: The Complain-a-friend friendship

This is where the girl only remembers the guy, when she needs to complain about something. She calls him, or meets him, simply to vent about her problems. Guy may try to slip in something about himself, but girl is too self-absorbed to realise that, and brings the topic back to her problems. Girl keeps guy in check by telling him what a great listener he is, and none of her other friends are like that. Guy gets his doggy biscuit.

7: The By-my-rules-only friendship

This friendship can be in conjunction with any of the other types of friendships. Girl will only meet guy on her terms. Girl has full rights to cancel appointments that she made herself last minute. Girl also doesn't need to return any calls made by the guy, but guy must be available at the snap of her fingers. Guy should expect nothing, except what girl decides to offer him. Take it or leave it.

8: The cozy friendship:

This is when guy and girl are great friends. They're totally comfortable in each other's company, and have deep respect and trust for each other. They can speak their mind, and be at ease with silence. They don't get overly emotional, and respect each others space and time. Can talk about absolutely anything under the sun. Guy and girl don't think of each other in a romantic way - never crosses their mind. Has the potential to become ugly if one of them does start developing feelings.

9: The Hit-and-run friendship:

This is an explosive friendship. Guy and girl become friends very quickly. They spend an insane amount of time together, and really dig each other's company. Guy thinks girl likes him, and is leading him on. Makes his move and professes his love for her. She runs like there is no tomorrow.

Appendix: The ex-lover friendship
This type of friendship doesn't exist. Don't fool yourselves. A guy and girl can't be just friends if they had a history together.


"The great pity in this magnificent match is that there had to be a loser." - Alan Wilkins

I just witnessed one of the best semifinal matches I have ever seen in my entire life. It was between Fernando Verdasco and Rafael Nadal--both left-handed and from Spain. They actually remind me of each other since they play similarly. It's the first time that two players from Spain have met in the semifinals round of the Australian Open. It was a five-set match that took them five hours and 14 minutes to finish. And I must admit, Rafael Nadal has been invincible the whole tournament. All throughout this year's Australian Open, he has never dropped a set in any of the matches against his competitors. So it's really quite amazing that this other Spaniard, who's ranked 14th in the world, gave world number 1 Rafael Nadal such a hard time!

I knew this would be quite an interesting match as soon as Verdasco won the first set, winning the tiebreak, 7-4. The second set was nearly as close as the first, with lots of breaks of serve from both players. As soon as Nadal broke Verdasco, Verdasco would break right back! Grabe talaga!!! Anyway, Nadal got the second set, 6-4. The third set once again, led to a tiebreak that Nadal eventually won, 7-2. So we have two sets to one, in favor of Nadal. Now the fourth set led to another tiebreak which was one of the highlights of the whole match. It just took about 10 minutes for Fernando Verdasco to win the tiebreak, 7-1! Can you imagine? Verdasco won SIX straight points with one AMAZING drop shot that just clipped the line! He was soooo motivated and determined and he never lost focus even if his left leg was cramping up. Truly mind-boggling. Now both players have two sets a piece. It's all down to the fifth set. No breaks of serve until the tenth game (Nadal was leading 5 games to 4) when Verdasco was serving. Unforced errors from Verdasco gave Nadal three match points. And he saved two of them with smashes. Damn this guy never gave up! I am soooo amazed. Unfortunately, this was the time that he had to make a double fault (Just the third of the match and he was serving soooo well the whole time!) which eventually won Nadal a spot in the finals. The final score was 6(4)-7, 6-4, 7-6(2), 6(1)-7, 6-4.

Rafael Nadal is going to face Roger Federer who annihilated Andy Roddick in their semifinal match, winning 6-2 7-5 7-5. Ranked number 2 after a not-too-good-2008, Roger Federer said that he'd be watching this game. I'm not sure if he finished it due to it's length but I sure hope he got some pointers from that hottie Verdasco! Hahahaha! :"> A lot of variety in Federer's shots and most importantly, endurance 'cause Nadal is gonna tire him and force him to commit all those unforced errors. Best of luck, Fed! Lezzgooo! :D

I'm awake! :P

Cool. Just saw Scarlett Johansson's video for "Falling Down" on Channel [V]! This channel has the freshest songs ever! :D Love it. Haha! Didn't love Scarlett's song though. I actually learned about her song through Yahoo! News and well, I didn't get why people were raving about it. :P

By the by, watched 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' with Mom and Dich a while ago! Dich and I were so excited 'cause it was Indy!!! :D Haha! Oh! Before the movie, I saw the trailer for 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'!!! A new Mummy movie!!! YAAAAY! CAN'T WAIT! :) But bad news though.. No Rachel Weisz. :(( Anyhoo, back to Indiana Jones. Sad to say, I didn't like the plot of the movie. :( It was classic Indiana Jones but I didn't like the way the story went. I did have high expectations but I guess I just wasn't interested with what happened in the movie. Hahaha! Can't tell, spoiler eh. :P

CL, NBA and AI spoilers.

Red Devils win 6-5 on penalties! Ronaldo scored on the 26th minute but Lampard leveled the score on the 45th! The score was still tied 1-1 after extra time. Terry missed the penalty and Van der Sar was able to block the kick by Chelsea's Nicolas Anelka! :)

Lakers win over Spurs, 89-85. Very nice game! Lakers were trailing by 20 points but caught up in the third quarter.. and won! Haha :P

David Cook wins. Booooo! Popularity contest talaga! :(

Too bad. :(

World No. 1 Justine Henin is retiring from tennis. :( I saw the article at Yahoo! Sports and just a while ago, EuroSport showed the video of Henin's official statement. She was hoping that her game would improve but after losing to Safina (Berlin Open), Sharapova and Schiavone, it seemed that nothing was changing and thus, she has decided to retire and focus on other things in life. She's just 25 years old! :( Sayang naman.

Btw, Annika Sorenstam announced her retirement too.
I love this song.. Jamie Scott has the nicest voice ever. *Sighs*

Jamie Scott & The Town - Standing In The Rain

While you’re talking to me
With blood on your hands
You’re tired of being a stranger
Tied up in his plans
You’ll cry forever and all you want to know is how you ever got here
Why ain’t he loving you

Hope you just don’t stop praying when the waters fall
‘Cause standing in the rain ain’t gonna leave you dry
People say your love pure one of a kind
But standing in the rain ain’t gonna leave you dry

People say no

We all fall sometimes
Get burned sometimes
Get cut wide open
Thought you’d learn by now

So why you want to do this
Why you want to fall
Why you keep pretending
To make sense of it all

I hope you just don’t stop praying when the waters fall
‘Cause standing in the rain ain’t gonna leave you dry
So stand up feel the light
Don’t you want to see all that you’ve got inside
Your love pure one of a kind
But standing in the rain ain’t gonna leave you dry

So take the chains off your world
‘Cause they ain’t gonna do you well
Take the lock from your heart
Open it ’cause it ain’t hard
It ain’t hard

Oh woman just don’t stop praying when the waters fall
‘Cause standing in the rain ain’t gonna leave you dry
So stand up feel the light
Don’t you want to see all that you’ve got inside
Your love pure one of a kind
Standing in the rain ain’t gonna leave you dry
Said your love is one a kind
Standing in the rain ain’t gonna leave you dry

Monte Carlo update.

Just got back from Starbucks. I just love this P40 off thing. Yay! Hahaha :P

Oh yeah, Federer won his second round match against Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo; 6-1, 3-6, 7-6(1). Quite a scare 'cause Federer was down 4 games to love in the third set. (Two sets to win the whole game kasi.) Anyhoo, Federer struggled but was still able to reach the tiebreak. World No. 137 Hidalgo crumbled under pressure that's why he lost the tiebreak, 7-1. Yay for Federer! And I wasn't able to watch this game, by the way. I was just looking at the updates here in the internet. Bad trip kasi yang Champions League na yan. I DON'T WANT TO WATCH FOOTBALL, DAMMIT! Hahaha :P

Here are the other Monte Carlo results:
[2] R Nadal (ESP) defeats [WC] M Ancic (CRO) 6-0 6-3
[4] N Davydenko (RUS) defeats [Q] S Bolelli (ITA) 6-2 7-6(5)
[5] D Ferrer (ESP) defeats [WC] M Safin (RUS) 6-2 6-3
[6] D Nalbandian (ARG) d [Q] O Rochus (BEL) 6-4 6-3
I Andreev (RUS) defeats [8] M Youzhny (RUS) 6-3 retired (neck)
N Almagro (ESP) defeats [11] J Monaco (ARG) 6-2 3-0 retired (right hand)
[13] JC Ferrero (ESP) defeats J Nieminen (FIN) 6-3 6-3
G Monfils (FRA) defeats [15] I Karlovic (CRO) 7-6(8) 6-1
[16] P Kohlschreiber (GER) defeats N Kiefer (GER) 6-2 6-4
J Tipsarevic (SRB) defeats [Q] N Lapentti (ECU) 5-7 7-6(5) 6-4
S Querrey (USA) defeats A Seppi (ITA) 6-1 7-5
Link: Homos are Hellbound. (from http://rachelragaza.multiply.com)

EDIT: She made the entry private. If you still want to read it, Multiply user Marc Lorenz copied her entry and posted it here: Multiply Star - Rachel Ragaza Ms. Ragaza also responded to the article she posted. You can check it out here: My answer to the article I posted...

What I feel about it:
Just reading the title made me squirm and hesitant to read the whole entry. I just knew it'd be full of hatred and bashing; and even more angry replies and comments. However, my sister (Cat), who introduced me to the blog, read some stuff from it which aroused my curiosity.

Homosexuality is more or less accepted nowadays, but it still is such a controversial topic (as you can see from the countless replies to Rachel's entry). Yes, we all know it is a sin; but the mere condemnation of a self-procalimed "true" Christian that gay people should go and are going to hell is just so wrong. I actually feel that she just wanted some kind of attention, and I didn't want to give her the pleasure of seeing tons of people viewing her blog BUT I just cannot pass up the chance to show you guys how she TRIED (but FAILED) to proved that *sarcastic tone* "Homos are Hellbound". It irks me to see how close-minded some people can get!

Okay, she has some points; but the thing is, she generalized way too much. She may wow you with her scientific 'proofs', statistics and whatnot. Well, I really.. wasn't. She points out that homosexuality is a violent lifestyle, given that "gays and lesbians attempt suicide 2 to 7 times more often than heterosexual comparison groups" (Grollman, Suicide, Boston: Beacon Press, p.58)--when in fact, it is due to people like her that they do this! Homosexuals are people too. They DESERVE respect, not hate and bashing. Oh, one other thing that struck me was the fact that she said "homos are as dumb as sheep". What the hell was that all about? I mean, sure you disapprove of homosexuality, sure it is wrong, but do you have to disrespect human beings?! I am sure that there are a LOT of homosexuals more intelligent and successful than her. How can she say these things and even have the guts to support them with Bible passages, journal articles and shit? And even the Bible is not accurate! She also states that "Leading serial killers are ALL HOMOS!!!" What the *bleeping* hell? She posted some names and I think she forgot that Hitler, Stalin or Mao Ze-Dong (all NOT gay) were those who caused the WORST genocides of the 20th Century (details from comment by whatifikissyou).

How dare she condemn people, she's not God. She talks as if she's sin-free and perfect! All her holier-than-Thou BS is really pissing me off. For someone so "Christian", she acts like she's the Devil--spewing hatred, disrespect and discord.

Btw, she hasn't even replied to a single comment. And yeah, it's her choice but there are a lot of people who took their time in reading her entry. I think that a) she needs to apologize for those hurtful speculations and generalizations she made and b) with all the comments asking for her reply, she should at least have the courtesy to back up what she said.

For me, it is not through sexual orientation but through a person's actions that he/she will be judged. And with the way she's thinking (Is she even?) and talking, I'm not so sure she'll be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God.

I have a lot more to say but I want to sleep now. Haha :P Gnight.

P.S. On a lighter note, someone made her a poster! Look for it at the comments part! Laugh trip!!! =))